Just Write

Tiny turkey-tail-like mushrooms growing on a tree,
Bellevue Botanical Garden parking lot

Have you ever noticed how rare it is to find a personal blog that lasts for several years, with new posts published regularly?

Many a time I have searched a topic on Google which led to a helpful blog post on the topic, say about a grammar rule, a specific restaurant, or exotic fruit. A memorable or funny post will have me browsing the archive to see what else the blog writer has published. Often, if the post is from 2005 or 2015, there will be no more posts after a year or two. I guess it’s hard to keep up a blog. It’s natural to get distracted or lose interest in maintaining it.

I recently came across one blog that is, stunningly, updated with a new post *every* day. It’s The Opportunity Machine, written by a wise and funny guy named Johnny Roccia. I first visited his blog on February 23 and saw there were (23) posts on the right-hand panel. What! Could that be right? And lo and behold, I discovered perhaps the most consistent blogger to grace WordPress. His posts are succinct and they don’t necessarily strive to deliver life-changing messages every time. I don’t know what motivates Johnny, but his consistency is admirable and inspiring. I suspect that he writes daily for his own sake rather than trying to satisfy an audience of followers.

In that spirit, I’ll be writing these next few weeks (hopefully months or even years) about different things that are floating through my mind. They may not appear to have a consistent theme, but that will naturally come as I figure out what topics are enjoyable to blog about. Thank you for reading, and welcome to Nest Cafe!