Discipline = Freedom

From LeBron James, “Routine and Ritual”, Train Your Mind Vol. II series on Calm.com

Ever since that time with the Walker family, I’ve always carried it with me. The desire for a routine. It’s one of the pillars of my success.

Everything in my life is planned and scheduled. I’m talking meals, meeting, workouts, naps, snacks…everything.

Two hours naps in the afternoon: planned.
Half time snack: planned.
Protein shake after the game: planned.
And I’ve got that playlist on repeat day in and day out.

It’s not what you do once or twice, it’s what you do every day.

It’s not just effort, it’s effort multiplied by consistency…year after year…that’s when I start to see my full potential.

I’ve got hectic days, flight delays…the key is to create that routine for yourself, based on what’s important to you. Based on what helps you connect and get locked in.

One of the most powerful things I can do with my time is to plan my time. Put what’s most important on my schedule and defend it. Slip into the groove of a routine and ride it. And when there’s a crisis you need to take care of, you can manage it. Or…You can say no with confidence.

Effort multiplied by consistency.

It’s discipline, not desire, that determines your destiny.

LeBron James

This is what’s keeping me going and grounded this year. 7 week streak of studying and practicing Python programming 4+ days a week, and we’re 7 full weeks into 2023. Running 2+ times a week, every week, to work my way up towards my first half marathon later this year. IT band issues be damned, I’ll do whatever physical therapy and training it takes to take care of my body and work it towards that goal. Going to bed earlier, waking up earlier so that I get my morning coding time in before anything else pulls at my attention. Saving a part of every paycheck and socking it away into retirement accounts for future, wrinkly me to live a relaxed and happy life.

Discipline and Consistency = Freedom.


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